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Laurent Maynard is a French painter and sculptor based in Vancouver, Canada. Since 2013, he has been working in visual effects for movies including Star Wars, Jungle Book, and Guardians of the Galaxy... Laurent got his start studying at a 3D Cinema animation school in France, where he learned how to make movies from start to finish, developed his understanding of how lighting and shaders work in real life, and improved his drawing skills. During his spare time, he loves to disconnect from technology to Paint at home and craft Soapstone Sculptures in his studio — where he can make a lot of dust and noise! Laurent uses art as a form of therapy to combat anxiety. Drawing helps him release ideas that may be stuck in his head. His art could be defined as a kind of dark Surrealism; it usually represents irrational situations in a realistic way to make the viewer believe the unbelievable. It's mainly by observing nature and listening to people that Laurent finds his ideas, making art as a way to express his perspective on problems within our society. Laurent started a series of sculptures that he hopes will raise awareness about inequality, racism, and the state of the environment, fighting for people to live all together in harmony.
Laurent is aiming to become an Artivist!

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