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Laurent Maynard, a French artist transplanted to the vibrant city of Vancouver, Canada, brings a unique blend of painting and sculpture to the world. Having honed his skills in the heart of the film industry, working on blockbusters like Star Wars, Jungle Book, and Guardians of the Galaxy, Laurent has a knack for creating captivating narratives that resonate with audiences. His journey began in a 3D Cinema animation school in France, where he learned the intricacies of filmmaking - from the basics of lighting and shaders to mastering the art of drawing. This foundation laid the groundwork for his artistic exploration, allowing him to push boundaries and experiment with different mediums.

   Outside of his professional pursuits, in the serenity of my home, he delves into the realm of paintings, creating art in a peaceful environment. However, when he steps into his art studio, the atmosphere transforms into a rhythmic ballet of dust and the mechanical hum of power tools. Amidst the chaos and creative juices flowing freely, he crafts pieces that tell stories of reality distorted, yet deeply relatable. His art is a testament to his belief in the transformative power of art as a therapeutic tool, helping him channel and express his thoughts and feelings. Laurent's art is characterized by a surrealistic style that takes everyday scenarios and presents them in a manner that defies logic. Yet, he can make viewers believe in the unbelievable that truly sets him apart. Drawing inspiration from nature and his conversations with people, Laurent uses his art to voice his views on societal issues like inequality, racism, and environmental concerns. He believes in fostering unity and harmony among all beings, and his art catalyzes this vision.

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