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10X 25mm Square Base Adaptor Socket for GW Square 20mm

10X 25mm Square Base Adaptor Socket for GW Square 20mm

10X 25 mm Square Base Adaptor Socket for GW Square 20 mm version 13_1 Using Black PLA
Perfect for skirmishers!

Those adaptors are especially for old figurines. It's compatible with the GW 2009 20mm bases that are precisely 19.5mm. This design accepts a layer of paint on the base. If the bottom of your base is larger than 19.5mm then it's going to be too tight or won't fit.
A smaller base will work until it's too small. Unsure? Order one sample before ordering many.
Please let me know if you have a ''20mm'' GW base of another year that is not 19.5mm, I will make the insert a little larger to accommodate.

This special adaptor has been designed for a few reasons:
-To avoid rebasing your figurines and risking damaging them.
-To avoid seams between the figurine's base and the adaptor.
-For the adaptor to be properly attached to the figurine's base without needing magnets or glue.
-So when you grab your skirmishers the adaptor doesn't fall or stay on the ground. 

Small features:
-Hole underneath to allow the possible magnet to magnetize with possible metal movement trail. 
-Tiny gap on the lock part allows either razor's blade or fingernails to open the lock.
-Logo Signature LM of designer @laurentmaynardvisualart

-When removing the lock, pull the left and right in the same time as much as possible to avoid breaking the lock bits. You can use your fingernails or blade. Same thing when you put it back in, push it parallel flat. 
-Make sure the edges of your figurine's bases are clean and don't have grass for example, paint is ok. 

-Make sure the insert is free of dust and paint before inserting your figurine. Same thing for the lock. 
-After your figurine is inserted, make sure it's fully inserted before putting the lock.
-You can paint the base with the figurine inserted but it's safer to apply glue for grass with the figurine NOT inserted otherwise it might get stuck. Make sure the insert part is clear before putting the figurine back. 
-Once everything painted with grass and stuff on it, after removing the lock, if you struggle to remove your figurine. You can either use a pointy thing like the other tip of a brush and push from underneath. You can also put your figurine on table and with a knife, point at the front of  your figurine's base and push forward. 

I know they are as many rules as in Warhammer's rules book, which makes those bases more authentic! ahah Hope you like the seamless result and how easy it is to move your skirmishers around! :) 

Let me know if you have any problems or even suggestions here.

  • Returns & exchanges not accepted

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