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30mm Square Base Adaptor Socket for GW Square 25mm

30mm Square Base Adaptor Socket for GW Square 25mm

25 mm Square Base Adaptor Socket for GW Square 20 mm version 19_10 FILES ONLY
Perfect for skirmishers! 
Those adaptors are specially made for old figurines to be playable for Warhammer the Old World. It's guaranteed compatible with the GW 2001 25mm bases that are precisely 24.7mm. This design accepts a layer of paint on the base. If the bottom of your base is larger than 24.8mm then it might be going to be too tight or won't fit.
Please test a single one first. A smaller base will work until it's too small.
Please let me know if you have a ''25mm'' GW base of another year that is not 24.7mm, I will make the insert a little larger to accommodate.

This special adaptor has been designed for a few reasons:
-To avoid rebasing your figurines and risking damaging them.
-To avoid seams between the figurine's base and the adaptor.
-For the adaptor to be properly attached to the figurine's base without needing magnets or glue.
-So when you grab your skirmishers the adaptor doesn't fall or stay on the ground.

Small features:
-A tiny gap on the lock part allows either a razor's blade or fingernails to open the lock.
-Logo Signature LM of designer @laurentmaynardvisualart
-All files expect stl contain ''mouse ears'' in corners to avoid wrapping and avoid brim all around. 

3mf and gcode files are created using Elegoo Cura 4.8.0-231208.0
Those adaptors are created using Houdini, imported into Cura and stl exported from there.
Displayed adaptors are printed using an enclosed Neptune 4 Plus with an exhaust fan at 1/3 speed. 
Some screenshots of Cura settings are provided. Please keep in mind those might work if you have the same setup as described and might need to be adjusted depending on your environment, printer and needs. 

Single 25_30:
20mins 2g 0.58m

6X 25_30:
2 hours 3 minutes 10g 3.49m


  • No commercial use or public sharing of the files


  • No modification of the 3D model for sale

    No modification or adaptation of the 3D model for public sharing or sale. 
    You are authorized to remix, transform and create from the material for personal use. If posted online please mention that the design has been edited from 

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