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Pillar of Fire Template 3 inches

Pillar of Fire Template 3 inches

Pillar of Fire Template 3 inches Diameter FILES ONLY

No support No infill needed! 
A light can be added inside! 


obj is made using Houdini
Files provided are made using Neptune 4 Plus and Elegoo Cura 4.8.0

613mins 35g 11.83m

175mins 13g 4.26m




  • Not for commercial use BUT...

    ...You can sell prints using those files or modified files to someone. BUT for each print you sell, either you or the buyer needs to purchase the package of files even if you bought it already for someone else or yourself. Please keep track of how many you sell to make sure the number of licence purchased is matching. 
    No need to buy more than one package of files per buyer. 

  • No modification of the 3D model for sale

    No modification or adaptation of the 3D model for public sharing or sale. 
    You are authorized to remix, transform and create from the material for personal use. If posted online please mention that the design has been edited from 

  • Sharing those files online isn't allowed

    Files can not be shared in any way. 

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